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Richard   Simpson
10200 Westwood Drive
443-538-6072 stampalbumpages@gmail.com Columbia, MD 21044-3906

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See New National Postal Museum Album [HERE]!

A group of stamp collectors have gathered on the Internet to create album pages for every stamp ever issued. Their work is just about complete.

There are album pages for over 300 countries; over 60,000 pages in total. Each album contains spaces for ever major Scott-listed stamp.

Click [HERE] to see how a finished page looks in a new tab.

Click [HERE] for a list of all the countries and time periods in a new tab.

I am the exclusive US distributor for printed StampAlbum pages, authorized to print any of the pages on heavyweight 8 1/2 x 11, 3-hole punched paper OR on paper which matches Scott International, Scott Specialized, or Minkus pages in weight, color, and size (and has the holes in the right places).

I can print pages for an entire country, a particular range of years, or even just the air mail or semi-postal issues. I can also print "blank" pages with just a border and country name. And the cost per page, including the paper, is just twenty cents a page for the 8 1/2 x 11 size, twenty-five cents for the International size or Minkus size, and thirty cents for the Specialized size. Check the listings to see whether the countries you want are available, then send me your order on the Order Form. For delivery outside the U.S., click [HERE]. Let me know if pages are not available in your area.

All orders are subject to a shipping charge.
Click [HERE] for shipping charges.


bullet Heavyweight, acid-free printed pages - 8½ x 11
bullet Scott International-style printed pages
bullet Scott Specialized-style printed pages
bullet Minkus style 2- or 3-hole pages printed in Scott order - 9½ x 11¼

We Also offer:

bullet Heavyweight, acid-free blank 8½ x 11 paper
bullet Scott International-style blank paper
bullet Scott Specialized-style blank paper

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If you have a laser printer, you can get a CD with all the pages in .pdf format from http://www.stampalbums.com.

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