Minkus FAQs
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Carlos Galguera
                   5745 SW 75th Street #326
786-768-1022 stampalbumpages@gmail.com Gainesville, FL 32608-5504


Q.   Are these genuine pages as printed by Minkus?

A.   Nope, these are the same pages we print on 8.5" X 11", Scott Specialized and Scott International-sized pages. We can now print the pages on paper the same size, weight, and shade as those originally made for the Minkus country albums.

Q.   Do they have the same 2-hole punch that fits my Minkus country album?

A.   Yup. And of course, if you have a Minkus 3-ring binder, our 3-hole punched paper fits it (but the corners are not rounded).

Q.   How about the scalloped perf-like grey border Minkus used on their pages?

A.   Sorry, but copyright restrictions don't permit me to use their border.

Q.   Minkus pages use a different stamp sequence - the stamps are shown in the order they were released regardless of whether they were regular issues, airmail, semi-postal or whatever. Do your pages follow that sequence?

A.   No, these pages follow the Scott sequence with regular issues for a particular time period followed by the semi-postals, then airmails, etc.

Q.   What countries and year ranges are available?

A.   Just the same as for our other pages. The complete list is [HERE].

Q.   Can I get a sample page to see if I like them?

A.   Sure. If you want to see what the page layout looks like, there is a sample [HERE]. Otherwise, just send me an e-mail at stampalbumpages@gmail.com and I'll send you a sample printed page.

Q.   Any minimum order or other special ordering instructions?

A.   Nope, just the same as my other pages. See the shipping charges page.

Q.   How much per page?

A.   Just thirty cents 30¢ per page, any quantity. Completely blank 2-hole pages with no printing, borders, etc are twenty cents (20¢) per page.

Any other questions? Feel free to send us an email or give us a call (email address and phone number are at the top of this page).

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