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Q. Are these pages identical to the pages produced by Scott?

A. No, Scott would not permit that - those pages are their property. Instead, a small group of collectors has created an entirely new set of pages that contain spaces for every stamp with a major number (no stamps like "347a") as well as many of the listed souvenir sheets and miniature sheets. The spaces for the stamps are more "spread out" on the pages, rather than being all crowded together as they are in some albums. You can see a sample page by clicking [HERE]. (It will open in a new window.)

Q. What countries do you have pages for?

A. We have pages for every single country that ever issued stamps! The pages have spaces for every stamp from the very first up to those issued just a year or two ago. This may be important to you because many album publishers have gone out of business or no longer print supplements for many countries.

Q. Do your pages have pictures of the stamps and Scott catalogue numbers to identify them?

A. No, no pictures because it would be far too difficult for the small group creating these pages to get all the pictures required, and no catalog numbers because of copyright restrictions. But each space has a description of its subject and the year it was printed. Also, the stamps are in the same order as they are listed in the Scott catalogue, so it is not difficult to figure out what goes where.

Q. What do you mean by "Specialized" or "International" sized pages?

A. Scott, the major publisher of albums in the U.S., publishes their "Specialized" series of albums. Each album covers one country or a small group of countries. The album pages are printed only on one side. They are usually put in a green leatherette binder with two rectangular posts. The pages have matching rectangular holes and measure 10" X 11.5". In the last few years Scott has added 3-hole punching to the pages and provides matching 3-ring binders. Scott "International" albums each cover the entire world for a given time period. Because of the huge number of stamps involved, the pages are printed on lighter-weight paper, on both sides, and for some time periods spaces are not provided for more expensive stamps. The International albums are blue and have two circular posts to match the two round holes on each page. Pages measure 9.25" X 11.25".

Q. What size pages do you provide?

A. We provide our pages printed on three different paper sizes. The most common is an 8.5" X 11" heavyweight cream-colored paper with the standard three-hole punch. You can put these pages in ordinary three-ring binders available at any stationery store. The second paper stock is the same size as the Scott Specialized pages and has the two rectangular holes required by the Scott binders. We can also provide the same pages with the Scott 3-hole punch. Be aware that we provide one set of holes or the other, not both on the same sheet. The paper is about the same thickness as Scott pages and has a slight cream color. Finally, we can provide pages the same size and punch to match the Scott International binders. Regardless of the paper size, we print the same page images on all of them, and we only print on one side of the paper. For FAQs about our Minkus compatible pages, look [HERE].

Q. Does your page border match the borders on Scott pages?

A. No. Again for copyright reasons, we use a plain, two-line border on each page.

Q. Can you print the pages on paper the same size as my Lighthouse, White Ace, Harris, or other albums?

A. Not at the present time. We can only print Minkus sized pages and Scott Specialized and International sized pages. (All appropriately punched.)

Q. When will the latest pages for my favorite country be available?

A. This primarily depends on how soon we can get sizing information on each stamp issued by that country in the last year. If you would be willing to provide photocopies of every stamp issued by that country in that year, so we can measure them, the pages you want will move to the top of the stack. As soon as new pages are created we list them on the "What's New" page of this website.

Q. Can you ship my pages outside the U.S.?

A. Our license from the page creators only covers the U.S. Click [HERE] for a list of page providers in other countries. (The page will open in a new window.)

Q. The range of years I want pages for is not the same as the groups you list. Can you print just the years I want?

A. Yes, we can. Send us an e-mail stating the country and year range you want, such as "Bahamas 1922-38." We will tell you the number of pages in that group by return e-mail. We CAN NOT provide groups of pages for a range of catalog numbers. Do not ask for "Poland for Scott# 2351 through 3389", for example.

Q. Are your "blank pages" really blank, or do they have a border with a country name.

A. Blank means "really blank"; no border, no country name. Blank pages with a border and, optionally, a country name at the top are available at the same price as the regular printed pages.

What is 'Specialized' paper?

A. 'Specialized' paper is paper the same size and hole-punch as that used in the Scott Publishing Co. 'Specialized Albums'. It is called 'Specialized' because pages for all the stamps for a given country are contained in a single binder. Thus the collector using the albums 'specializes' in a particular country. The binders require pages with a distinctive punch of two rectangular holes or standard 3-hole punch in each page.

Any other questions? Feel free to send us an email or give us a call (email address and phone number are at the top of this page).

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