French Art Stamps

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Several years ago, at the request of a customer, I created an album for French Art stamps. I recently expanded it to cover the most recent issues and I am now offering it to you. The French use a special 6-color press to print these stamps. Each year they produce from one to a half-dozen issues covering the entire history of art from cave paintings to the latest abstracts. Each page is laid out with the wide spacing used in our other pages, so each little jem is set off from the others. The album also contains space for a number of art-related souvenir sheets.

The album contains 66 pages including 3 blank pages for other art-related issues of which France has produced quite a few. It covers stamps issued from 1961 to 2014. It will be printed on a white, 8.5X11" heavyweight, acid-neutralized paper with 3-hole punch for storage in a conventional 3-ring binder.

The package of 66 pages is priced at $29.95 including shipping within the US. Click [HERE] for a printable order form. Here's a sample page: