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I recently got a request from a customer to print him a special set of album pages available as a free download from the internet from the US National Postal Museum in DC. You can see the pages at

You can print the album on letter-sized paper on your own printer, but if you want it on heavier paper than your printer can handle I can do the job for you. The album is 135 pages and has spaces for one stamp from every country in the world that has ever issued stamps. Which stamp? Your choice for each country.

Most collectors will have no problem filling most of the spaces, but some more obscure countries will be a little tougher. And since you get to choose each stamp, you can select which stamp will be representative of the country. It makes a great coffee table item to interest your friends in collecting or a good way to introduce a young person to the hobby.

I can print the entire 135 pages for you (the cover and all pages will be in black and white) on white 8.5X11" light card stock punched with holes for a regular 3-ring binder for only $34.95 including postage within the US! As usual, I accept payment by check or PayPal. Click [HERE] to order.

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